Importance Of My School And Its Culture

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My School and Its Culture
School Experiences School is responsible for teaching children their academic. The way a teacher interacts with their student has a lasting impression. Problem solving skill is an essential part of a child’s life. My early years were full of learning through play. I was able to analyze the situation when my interaction had a positive outcome in an elementary school setting. Students did not tease or make fun of your color or your different way of dress or the neighborhood you lived in. A large part of my school day in high school was building a relationship with other students. It became mentally challenging trying to mix academic with interaction. Teachers begin to see the need of interaction after a month
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I moved from Burger High School out of my comfort zone to Independence Girls’ High School. The Tangipahoa Parish School Board though it was best to separate the black and white boys from the girls. My first of school reminded me of a scene I watched in a movie. The white parents threw objects at the buses and the police had to escort us to our classroom. Several black students called their parents and we had a riot my first day of school. The national guards were called to our school to offer us a safe education. I do not know who more afraid of our situation the teachers or the students. It was hard the first month of school because I had no knowledge of what the teachers were teaching. This was because my old school was so far behind with the old books and teacher taught the material they were given. The number of students from Italian decedent outnumbered the African America at Independence because most students in the area went to another school because their parent did not want their boys and girls separated. I never thought I would have been part of Segregation going to school. I begin to learn within a month in a comfortable environment. It did not take me long to excel and move to the top ten of my classes. I was not allowed to have a grade average under a 3.0. My parents would take away privileges until my grades were to their …show more content…
I sit back and observe my surroundings before I interacted with my teachers and peers. If the situation did not look good I stood back. I paid close attention to the instruction given by the teachers. I found it to be more effective when I understood what the teacher was teaching. When I did not understand, I would raise my hand and ask questions. The teacher would look at our facial expressions and understand we had no clue what she was talking about. The lack of attention lead to low measurement in learning. The learned behavior of observation helps me identify with what I needed to be effective in my learning experiences that conditioned me to gain knowledge. An observation made learning easy by gaining knowledge through conceptualizing the world around me. Observational learning was achieved by me first becoming organized with this behavior. When I learned to accept my model of behavior of observation my outcome was valuable to me. I was able to recognize my strength and weakness in my performance. Behaviorism was effective when a student had negative behavior, they were sent to the office and the principle or assistant principle used a ruler for discipline. Parent was notified and when we got home there were a second punishment. Students were rewarded for positive behavior with special privileges of being classed leader or received praises. Cognitivism had its effect on students in different ways. Culture

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