Reflective Essay: My Love For Psychology

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Like many freshmen, during my first year, I was nervous and unsure about what I wanted to study for the next four years. I had ideas, and I knew there were a multitude of possibilities, but I hadn’t explored them, and none of my plans (as vague as they were) had been set in stone. Community college allowed me to sample many of those possible ideas for fields of study, from English to music, communication, and others. During my first semester of school, I took an introduction to psychology class. Throughout the semester, I became captivated by the subject. I liked how relevant the information was in my own life. I loved that I could begin to understand the behaviors of the people around me. After my first semester of school, I found that I had a passion for psychology, and I felt very motivated and excited to continue studying this field. My love for psychology deepened during my second semester when I took classes in social psychology, and surprisingly, English! My …show more content…
My most important assignment in the class was to write a research paper on whatever subject we chose. I had a budding interest in music therapy; the idea of combining music and psychology was appealing to me, though I didn’t know very much about the topic. I thought that this paper would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about this field. After months of reading and interpreting studies, hearing testimonies, and observing therapeutic methods using music, I developed a keen interest in music therapy as it relates to the development of individuals. By the end of my second semester, I’d chosen psychology as my major, and felt energized and eager to continue my studies. I was beginning to plan my future as a student of the subject, and somewhere along the way, I decided that I wanted to counsel and help those with mental health

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