Personal Narrative: My Life Prior To High School

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My life prior to leaving High School was just about as normal as any other kids at the age of sixteen, I had a great upbringing. Supportive parents, a solid group of friends, I played sports, and didn’t really do anything illegal. I may have drank here and there but at that time I was still nervous my parents would find out or I’d get in trouble with my Baseball coach. I’m not sure if I can pinpoint where it all happened but the summer of my junior year of High School that all slowly started to change. My arm, had started to finally give out after years of Little League, Seniors, AAU, and now High School Baseball.

The fall semester of 2006 my interest in school had started to fade, not so much the act of learning but the general act of subscribing
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This is when I joined my first real band with a couple of college kids from my surrounding area. Those next 6 months of my life are to this day, the most important to date. In February of 2007, after months of playing shows on the weekends and practicing every night with my new band, things started to pick up. The band wanted to start touring full time but I was the only member still in school. We also had mention of a record deal coming down the pipeline. I finally said screw it and when I came home from practice one night, I had a long talk with my parents about the future of my life and where I saw myself when I was older. They could see I wasn’t interested in school anymore. I would come home from school every day, go straight to the practice space, we’d all hang out and write music until 10 or 11 and then I’d come home and go to bed. On the weekends we would play two sometimes three shows all over New England and sometimes even down the east coast. Both myself and my parents knew school wasn’t what I wanted anymore. Being the supportive parents that they are, the next day my mom called me and said “There is a GED test in two weeks at Northern Essex Community College. If you take a GED pre-test and pass next week, I’ll let you drop out of school.” That was all I needed to hear. I took my GED pre-test, passed, and two weeks later took the GED and never looked

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