Importance Of My Language Learning Experience

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My Language Learning Experience

I have been a student of Spanish since I was in the 7th grade. It was my twin sister who ignited the spark for me. She had just attended Spanish class before me, and turned to me while we were standing at our lockers, asking triumphantly, “Como se llama Usted”? I was immediately captivated, and insisted that she tell me what she had said, but she wouldn’t, and turned to walk away with a smug smile on her face. Ever since that day I have had an endless curiosity for, and interest in foreign language. I quickly discovered that not only did I have a natural curiosity for language, but that I also had a natural propensity for language learning.

I have had many Spanish teachers over the years, and while I struggle
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The learning system that we use is geared to move us competently through the recognized CEFR language levels. We use workbooks that also have a CD component. We learn grammar, and vocabulary, and always are given homework. I would describe the class as practical, and functional. I am learning at a good pace, and take it very seriously as something that I am choosing to do. I am given opportunities to read, participate, write, and be humbled by on-going correction from the professor. It allows me to practice courage in not being perfect, and to simply experience the vulnerability that is part of language learning. My own experience of this gives me a sensitivity to what English learners feel as they learn English in a “perfectly imperfect” …show more content…
Paul. We teach very basic English to refugees with extremely limited literacy skills. I observe the teacher demonstrating enthusiasm, creative expression, and compassion as she teaches. The class seems to respond well to this, is very attentive, and strives to learn, and I would certainly emulate this type of engagement as well. She uses quite a bit of repetition, which at this level, is important and useful. I see how she builds on each lesson, slowly introducing new vocabulary, but also reviewing and using established vocabulary. She creates all of her own materials, and I can clearly see the amount of work and care she brings to her role as teacher. I am certain that the students feel it as well. She utilizes pictures, words, and the class actively participates by stepping up to the board to identify words or numbers. I observe them wanting to be chosen to try to find the answers. This learning environment is supportive and gives the students an active role. It also provides encouragement and gentle correction. These are all learner-centric actions that I will strive to

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