Personal Narrative: My Journey To Become A Nurse

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I quit

Quitter means to leave, stop or discontinue and all three words describe what I 've decided to do during my journey to become a nurse. Hi I 'm Whitley Chapman and I 'm applying for the nursing program. Below I want to inform you all on my to become a nurse. Although this is not required I want you all to know a little about me before making such an important decision in my life.

I 'm 25 years old and I have a 4 year old I begun school with you all 2012/2013 spring semester I am already a certified nursing assistant but I want more more education, more experience and more opportunities to help others. I decided to go and get what I wanted. Shortly I begun doing the required prerequisite and even though school life was fine, life at
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My grandmother didn 't make it to next week she passed away 4 days before they administer TEAS test and all day she wasn 't there for me physically spiritually I knew she was right beside me. Life may have gave me lemons and I may have thrown them out at first but I realize if I pick them up add water which is determination and sugar which is positive then I can make me some good lemonade as I write this essay I know I 've been abused, I know I 've been dealing with death in my life lately but I also know that I can do this today. I am a single mom with a very intelligent four year old daughter working a full time job as a certified nursing assistant and I couldn 't make that I quit but I am NOT a quitter. I know that there are hundreds of applicants for the nursing program and because all of my work is borderline I may not get accepted this semester but my heart has always been with the nursing and if you don 't meet me this semester then you will meet me next semester as stated before I did quit but I am NOT a quitter thank you all for taking the time to read my essay and I appreciate the opportunity I have to let you all know a little about me in my

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