Personal Narrative: My Interview With Gail Reagan

I chose to do my interview with Gail Reagan. My relationship to her is that she is my grandmother, I chose to interview just because of the certain ways she inspires me and all the things she does that I look up by being her only granddaughter. My grandma is just one of the people that I promise you will not forget her or that you will regret meeting her. No matter what is going on in her day she always tries to make sure other people are happy and especially if you are at her house she makes sure you do not leave hungry, she always has something cooking. I sat her down on thanksgiving after we all ate, and told her I needed to interview her and what is what for, she was thrilled to do it for me. As I was asking her all these questions I could …show more content…
She ended up marrying Everett Reagan, my papa. They only had one child together which was my mom, Tammy Leo. My mom was raised differently then my mimi was, my mom was born in 1965, so I feel like there was a really big difference on how she was raised. Just to hear my mimi tell me all these different things about her growing up and also her raising my mom was just amazing I loved every bit of it. She told me when she was younger her mom struggled trying to feed the family and keep everyone happy, and my mimi also told me she said she had a kid she did not want it to be that way, she did not want to have to struggle, and that was pretty much her dream in life, I feel like she did a very good job at accomplishing it. They way my grandparents made money when my mom was a little girl is because they owned a hotel where we are from in Pigeon Forge. My mimi never attended college once she graduated from high school, I am sure she had jobs but she never told me what they were. My papa on the other hand went to college once he graduated, he went to business school, and graduated with a business degree and that is how he started their hotel and

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