Importance Of My Field Education Experience

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My field education experience demonstrated to me the importance of grafting together with others holding extensive experience in the field of ministry chosen. Having a mentor, someone with knowledge surpassing your own is critical to understanding purpose and struggle in ministry. For my field education course I selected Recovery Support Ministry. “There are an estimated 10 to 15 million alcoholics in the United States and nearly that many addicted abusers of illegal drugs. Young people comprise the fastest growing group. Many have multiple addictions, generally to alcohol and another drug. Statistics show that substance abuse is a problem for all ages, races, socioeconomic strata, and religions” (Gates).
I must say the first several weeks presented somewhat of a challenge for me. I experienced some things in my body as well as taking care of many other things besides my full time workload and schoolwork. However, I reached all
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I tried Alcoholics Anonymous when I was still drinking and they had nothing for me, I needed Jesus, I needed the truth and I did not find it there. There can only be true deliverance from addiction through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. This is the reason why I am choosing this area of ministry.
I want to share an excerpt from someone with experience with alcoholism “As I look back on my addiction, the course can be plotted step by step on the curve, the sin leading to a diseased condition of the mind and body. I wish someone, anyone, would have recognized my plight and intervened. As with many addicts, the "I can" syndrome reigned in my life: "I can do it myself," "I got myself into this; I can get myself out," and "I can quit any time I want." We deny the ability to control our lives, the shame and guilt become unbearable, and the spiral continues downward until it is interrupted”

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