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Ever since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed school. Learning new things, acquiring new skills, and furthering my education are the reasons that I loved school. I think I have enjoyed it so much because most of it came easy to me. When a student is confident in school, they tend to enjoy it more. As much as I enjoyed it, there was one thing that I struggled with and still continue to struggle with: that was writing papers. Writing was never easy for me and continues to be something I find challenging. Even though it is still challenging to me, I know if I want to become a great teacher, then I need to continue to work on my writing.
During elementary school I hated it when we would be working on math, and the next thing I know the teacher would say, “Put your math away and get out your writing journal.” Math came easy to me so I loved it, but I struggled with writing, so I dreaded it when we had to write. It was not because I did not have stories to tell, or things to write about. The thing I struggled with
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I thought I did a lot of writing in high school, but it was nothing compared to the amount of writing I was going to have to do in college. Before I could rely on taking extra time to help myself with papers. In college there was so much more to do, that I could not waste extra time to write these more in depth papers. It did not take me long to realize that I was going to have to use the resources that were provided, to help me overcome what I had always known: I struggle with writing.
First, I started by getting help from my peers. They would help me proofread my papers. It helped, but that still was not enough. Then, I started to go to the writing center for extra help, but they could only help so much. As I continued writing more, I slowly became a better writer. It showed me, that as long as I continue to work on my writing, I am going to become a better

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