Importance Of My Experience In Public School

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My experience with public school from kindergarten to 10th grade has made a huge impact on my life. I was born in a city with a population of 300,000+ residents, New Bedford, Massachusetts. My mother a nurse and my dad a police officer in FallRiver, MA. I have a half-sister Alexis, who lives with us in the summers and one weekend a month. Since it was just me and my parents most of the time mom and dad thought it would be best for me to start preschool. The summer before kindergarten d my parents decided I should attend half day summer camp to make friends and be with kids my age. This is where my life and torment in public schools started KINDERGARTEN. It was September 5th, the first day of kindergarten and I was excited to be starting …show more content…
For me it the work came easy however, socializing was difficult, the kids were too childish. Academically I was ahead for my age, but my social skills were lacking. At the end of the school year my mom and dad decided to put me in part time summer camp .having a sister 4 years older than me and only home part time didn’t help. Summer camp was good no major problems and I actually made a few friends. Throughout first and second grade I excelled academically, but my social skills were not improving. I had no interest in playing with the kids, they bored me. I didn’t want to play with toys or jump ropes so I sought attention from my teachers constantly. In second grade I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and my parents were always coming to school because I was being disruptive. Not because I was mean to other kids or not doing my work, but because I was always fidgeting or humming. Kids didn’t understand me and the teachers were annoyed by me. I was put on medication but with no resolve. In the middle of second grade my parents were called in to speak with the school counselor and Psych doctor. They principal told my parents that my eye cue was very high and I didn’t fit in with the other students. They felt as though their school didn’t have the right programs to further my education properly. This infuriated my parents and they felt like they were giving up on me. They suggested we seek out a school that could offer me a program to better suit my needs. Pretty much they kicked me

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