Wisconsin Lutheran College Reflection

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During the past few months here at Wisconsin Lutheran College I have gained much knowledge and experience in and out of the classroom. I have met many great professors and students that have all impacted me somehow. In my opinion so far Wisconsin Lutheran College offered me exactly what I was looking for as far as connections, opportunities, and a Christian perspective. Being at WLC in the future will help me gain more of these things along with more experience in the my particular major’s field, extracurricular activities, and lifelong relationships with my fellow peers. Before school started, I was worried about how I would manage my time between school, football, and a social life. Throughout the semester I have learned to manage my …show more content…
I have spent more time preparing for assessments and doing homework than all of my other four classes combined. Sadly, my grade does not reflect that, but fortunately I am passing and am eligible to get into my major’s department. Aside from Chemistry, I am thriving in other classes. The course in which I have become more knowledgeable is my theology course. I have never really practiced reading the bible and attempted to find meaning in God’s word. Throughout the semester I have practiced this skill while reading a good amount of the books. I also have a better understanding of basic vocabulary terms used in the bible and used while talking about God and religion. If I would have went to a state university I would not have taken a theology course; luckily Wisconsin Lutheran College offers a liberal arts education which allows me to take part in these religion …show more content…
These five skills are life lessons; they are applicable in any aspect of life and will be used in the career paths I plan to go into. Along with these life skills football offers the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with fellow teammates. In football teammates battle through 100 degree two-a-day practices, hardships, losses, and victories throughout the course of a season or career together. all of these ups and downs create a family like mentality that will carry on long after the last game of my career here at WLC is

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