My Educational Experience

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My Past Educational Experience Related Fear and How It Was Address
What do you look forward to as you begin this educational experience and your personal search for purpose?
My goal and my search for purpose is to achieve my dream as a fulfil nurse, not just ordinary nurse, but exceptional nurse in knowledge, full of information and to be creative in nursing field. I look forward to finish well as planned with good grade and to be one of the exceptional Director in nursing career till my last breath. I have passion for nursing; there is no doubt about it and I don’t think I will ever function well in other career. What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is the adaptation to the online classes, in order not to fail, which is of more work
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That experience made me what I am today, as it taught me a great lesson, broke me down, remade me and helps me to stand on a solid rock. I was in my first year in Nursing when this occurrence happened. In my country, the first year in nursing is a tough year, one has to decide either to continue or drop the school. The first six month is called weeding class, in which there are two exams to be done. The first exam is in the first three months, school will drop some of the students and the six months exam another group of student has to be drop by the school. I was able to escape the weeding exam as I passed those two …show more content…
I worked and save for my school fees then. Some of my colleagues were helpful onto me as they were teaching me like an elementary student. I was not ashamed of my situation; I opened up to them and asked for their help and support. After the six months exam, I was slightly better than initial time. The first year exam approached I prepared as I used to prepare for the exam and even more than initial period. Unfortunately, it was a tough first year exam for me as I failed Anatomy and physiology exam. School allowed us to redo the exam, but my biggest fear was that, if I failed again that will be end of the curse and my money and effort will be

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