Importance Of My Diet

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Over a span of three days, I tracked my diet to see if I was following the recommend nutrition guidelines set forth by the USDA. With the help of the SuperTracker website, I was able to see an average of my nutrients, vitamins, and minerals over the three day span. From these results, I decided which foods could possibly make a difference in the areas that were not up to the nutritional standards.
Vitamins and Minerals
There were quite a few vitamins and minerals that averaged less than a hundred percent of the recommended daily intake. The vitamins that I did not eat enough of were Vitamin A, D, E, and choline. The minerals that were less than one hundred percent were potassium, copper, iron, and magnesium.
Suggested Foods There are plenty
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I generally don’t eat a lot of whole grains, because they tend to be more expensive than the refined grains. If they can help add so many minerals to my diet, however, it is worth the extra dollar that it costs to pay for them. Instead of eating white rice, I can choose to eat brown rice. White rice and brown rice basically taste the same to me, so I don’t think switching them out would be difficult. Since, I eat rice about twice a week, I think it would be a realistic way to add those minerals to my diet. The final mineral that was low is potassium. One food that would increase my potassium is a banana. I chose a banana, because it would be beneficial for two areas of my diet. It will add the potassium, of course, and will help me towards eating the recommended daily amount of fruit. I tend to eat a lot of vegetables but not enough fruit, so the banana would help in that regard. They are super easy to eat and are cheap, so it would be realistic to add to my diet. I can put it on top of my yogurt that I eat for breakfast or can have it for a healthy …show more content…
The recommended daily dietary intake is surprisingly not as easy to achieve as I thought. I had no idea that I was eating less than the amount of nutrients and minerals that ere recommended. I thought I would miss the mark on two of the nutrients and minerals at most, but to see that I was not getting enough of eight of them was baffling. It is harder to eat healthy than I thought. I think I will try to make my diet more diverse than it normally is. It is impossible to get everything my body needs if I stick to what I am used to eating. I think there are two specific changes that I want to try to make. First I want to make sure to try to eat more whole grains, whenever the option is available. Instead of eating white rice, I will eat brown rice. I can also eat more cereal that has whole grains in it. I also want to eat more fruit. The fruit is helpful in getting enough potassium and fiber. I will start by eating fruit at least every other day and then move forward from there. By slowly making a few changes to my diet, I will be able to make it more well-rounded and beneficial for

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