Importance Of My Culture

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Every person around the world is living within the presence of a culture. This culture may be American culture or it could be youth, Latino, or even college culture. Whatever it is, culture is everywhere and it is what makes every person unique and original. When people begin to go outside of their culture into new and foreign lands, they often times find themselves feeling awkward because they are unsure of the culture around them. In my life that happened to me when I visited the International Holiday Folk Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was November 22, 2013 when I travelled to the International Holiday Folk Fair with my French III class. Our class, along with the Spanish class, was going to the folk fair to learn about the variety of …show more content…
It would be nearly impossible to write about how each individual culture made me feel awkward, but I will give several examples to help the reader understand my feelings. As you walk into the conference center you immediately find yourself encased in the gigantic Indian booth. The Indian booth was the second largest booth in the entire fair. When I began walking around the booth I immediately observed that everyone was wearing clothes that showed absolutely no skin, besides the sandals on their feet. This felt weird to me because in my culture (American), we are free to wear clothes that show skin out in public on a daily basis. Also, as an Indian individual would go to talk to someone they would always put their hands together and smile at the person they were about to talk to. This also varied from American culture in the way we might normally hug or give someone a handshake upon talking to them. I then began reading a variety of posters around their booth and found information on their system of arranged marriages and their idea of a cow as their god. Growing up on a farm, the idea of a cow being a “god” struck me with sudden disbelief. I do not believe that I could put myself in their shoes and practice religion through a source of food. I was also intrigued by their system of arranged marriages! I could not understand how they failed to allow their citizens the freedom of

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