Personal Narrative: My College Accomplishments

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The college application process was a stressful one. Having to worry about different deadlines for different pieces of paperwork for different schools, all while attending eight hours of school every day got to be a bit overwhelming. During this time I was repeatedly putting my accomplishments over the past several years on applications, but never during this time did I ever question how I came to point I was at. I was so caught up in things that I had done, neglecting how I had done them, or what forces had played a part in my completion of them. The most notable of all my ignorance however was that I did not realize how the journey towards each and every one of my accomplishments had affected me and helped guide me to where I was at this …show more content…
Neither of them had a degree other than their high school diploma; they each wanted me to accomplish so much more than they had. From the beginning, nothing below an A was expected or praised. It was instilled early on that getting grades was not about me knowing stuff off the top of my head, but more about the work and effort that I was willing to perform in order to advance my own success. So the first time I came home with a bad grade and got in trouble for it, but also heard the reason from my parents behind the punishment, it changed my mindset to the one I had throughout my journey to college. From that point forward it wasn’t just my parents on my back about subpar grades, it was myself as well. I knew that college was the ultimate goal, and wouldn’t let myself get in the way, but the influence that my parents had proved greater than their direct contact with me as I …show more content…
From the beginning, my parents were able to instill a hardworking mindset into me, never allowing me to give up when the going got tough, but instead continuing to push me to try harder every day. My parents were responsible for also trying their hardest, pushing past the fact that they did not have college degrees in order to have a good income to support me as best they could, and put me into a good school in a good area. Their interest in my education is what caused me to be what my elementary school called “advanced”. That title opened up doors for me. I was not only able to learn at a faster pace then, but also trained to learn at a faster pace now, when information isn’t nearly as simple and easy to comprehend. Because of this title I was introduced to the world as more than an average child. It brought about unique relationships with teachers that would have otherwise not been there if it were not for this labeling. It also brought a lifetime of friendship, a friendship that pushed me to excel in classes and extra-curricular

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