Importance Of My 3-Week Professional Experience At Fredrick Irwin Anglican High School

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I completed my 3-week professional experience at Fredrick Irwin Anglican high school and I am so happy with how it went; I can honestly say that at the end of each day I was there I was always looking forward to returning the following day. Before prac, I was uncertain about continuing my studies as a secondary educator, now I am excited and confident in saying that that I can see myself as a teacher in the future and have my own class of students.
I set myself on goal during the three weeks, which was to stand and talk confidently, which in my opinion I accomplished. In the end, I could stand and look from the front of my class, not say a word and get complete silenced from students, Rust my mentor said he was very impressed with it being
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In year 12 classes, I was worried that the students wouldn’t listen to me, due to graduating high school only the year before. Everything that they are going through; Mocks and Wace, I went through 11 months previously. They treated me like any other teacher, and surprisingly a few students asked for my opinion and experience about my own exams. Working with the teachers in my department was nerve racking to begin with but each one helped and guided me through every lesson I presented, giving me worksheets and ideas for my student. They all lent a helping hand and supported me through the three weeks I was with them and I am looking forward to seeing them in the future. Fredrick’s was very busy in the 3 weeks I attended, and I got to participate in all the events that were being held at the time. I assisted with the whole school sports carnival, helping teachers organises sports for students. I went to my area of study meetings and also whole school teacher meeting, where I had to stand up and introduce myself to everyone. I was a part of the school’s Founder’s week celebration and the new church opens and aided support with a year 8 incursion. Through my whole practical, the school, student, teacher and my mentor were always busy. Rust always …show more content…
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