Importance Of Movie In The Movie

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Most of teenagers like to watch movie. Some factors that create positive learning environment are the plot, actors or actresses, and the dialogue as well. It is very useful because can make students more interest in studying. Sometimes, the students feel bored of the situation in English class,movie is one of the entertainments. In language teaching, not only show the movie to the students but also ask the students to analyze what in the movie are. So, after watching, they can tell to the other students what they get from the movie. For example,they can describe the place, thing and person from the movie,also from the movie, they will automatically learn about the foreigner’s culture, get knowledge, and know how the foreigners pronounce the …show more content…
The students were enthusiastic during analyzing the movie, and they could analyze it well. Therefore, when the students learn about speaking skill, they learn how to deliver the information for others and how they can understand the information from others.
The Use of Movie to improve students speaking ability
Speaking is the single most important aspect of learning a second or foreign language, and the success is measured in terms of the ability to carry out the conversation in the language. So, speaking is very important in language learning because speaking can help students to communicate eachother persons. Teaching speaking by using movie in classroom which increased students speaking ability.Its proving from the dialog between actress and it motivated students to speak without fear. Directly, teaches the students to practice their speaking.
Through watching movies, students can understand the languange easier, because audio and visual materials are provided in the movies ( HU. 2006). When watching a film, students not only listen to the characters, but also watch their movements. In addition, the scenes, the props and other aspects make the communication so real, by watching the film, students seem to almost interact with the activities in the

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