Importance Of Motivation In Higher Education

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What motivated me to enroll at GCU and to pursue a degree in higher education was a need for something more out of life and the need to conquer my fear of pursuing a higher education. I am always telling my children that they can do and become anything they want to but I never believed that for myself, how can I tell my children this and I didn’t believe it for myself. I have had such a great fear of pursuing a higher education because I found myself telling myself that I am not smart enough to obtain a degree in higher education so I have continued and settled to work low paying, meaningless jobs. So what finally motivated me to finally face my fear of failure, I was recently let go from yet another low paying job and feeling
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I desperately want to know what it feels like to accomplish something of great value and substance that is a feeling no one can ever take from you. I have been doing the same thing over and over such as working one low paying, meaningless job after the next and expecting different results and that is the definition of insanity. So my motivation is proving to myself that I can do this, that I am worth this journey and that I deserve more than what I have been telling myself. This is one reason how motivation will be important for my success, Educator Connie Firth, an expert on Educational Communication Technology defined motivation as “an internal drive that directs behavior towards some end.” (What Motivation is and Why it is Important in classroom Situation) motivation is important for a student’s success because it comes from a source of responsibly and achieving ones goal. It’s a learning of one’s mental attitude which is vital in achieving higher education. Having internal motivation may achieve greater success which can be important for student success which in turn can lead to new discoveries and self-worth, having motivation can lead to academic success and …show more content…
I do believe discussion forums will help keep me motivated because it may provide me a different way to look at and approach topics that are presented. Also it will motivate me with study habits due to all of us have multiple demands on our time which can cause irregular hours and we may not always put our coursework as our top priority, so having this connection will help motivate me and connect with other students who are also experiencing multiple demands on their time and find out what they are doing to stay motivated. One thing I do use for motivation is motivational quotes that I receive thru Facebook which have been very inspirational and motivating. I paste these motivational quotes to my Facebook wall so I can refer back to them when I start to feel overwhelmed. Having this discussion forum will definitely help me stay motivated because we are all striving for a higher education and wanting to achieve the higher goal of education which I believe is our similar connection. Working effectively and collaboratively will demonstrate capacity to motivate myself and hopefully others. So the key takeaway for me is Sometimes God closes doors

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