Importance Of Motivation In An Organisation

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Management is the organization and the coordination of activities within the business in order to achieve a missions. An important component of management is motivation. Motivation aims on increasing efficiency within the organization by focusing on the staff needs.

Within Motivation there are the content theories, which focus on the factors that arouse and initiate motivated behaviour. Maslow 's Hierarchy of needs, and Hertzberg two factor theory aim to discuss the factors that motivate staff in order to produce better results.

This essay will discuss the concept of motivation and how beneficial it is to the organization.

Maslow Hierarchy of needs 1954 outlines five levels of human needs. Firstly, the lower order needs comprised
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Early 2000s the company had a CEO who during his governance the company was very productive and the staff members were enjoying their jobs and had a great time. The CEO manager motto 's was “a happy employee is a productive employee”. The would get to know each employee, would give them informal chats, and would even enjoy parties with them, and this made the employees to like her. Maslow 's social, and esteem needs was fulfilled as well as Hertzberg analysis of intrinsic factors as satisfiers. However, the CEO was changed and the new one had a different view. He introduced the division of labour and the pay rate system as a mean to maximise production. In this case each employee was given what to manufacture and was paid according to quantity produced. The aim was to motivate the workers to produce more and get paid accordingly. But the quality of the production reduced and complaints were heard from customers, it was not long before the company had complaints, and competitors started producing better quality a low price had to go through downsizing and many workers lost their jobs. Those remaining workers are in constant fear that they might be removed. In this case we say that Maslow 's lower needs are not satisfied there is job insecurity and the wages have gone low, and qtld has kept struggling on its quality footwear. As a suggestion Job redesign could help this company, …show more content…
As for the workers that feel left out they need to have a feeling of esteem, the need to be valued in this case job enlargement will be useful. By entrusting them with more tasks they will feel more important and will take measures to keep their status. Since everyone cannot have the same amount of payment it would be more realistic to pay them according to their level of work the senior workers will get greater wages than the junior ones, and if job enrichment is limited then job enlargement will always be a beneficial as it increase the task for each member of staff and potentially increase his wages while making him feel

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