Importance Of Mother Acceptance Essay

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Many researchers’ have researched on mother’s acceptance. In this research researchers researched on mother acceptance and academic achievement of the children.
Acceptence:it is like an agreement either you accept things expressly or by moral behavior to the act or offer another so that it contrast between two bonds so that it can be concluded legally.Accaptance in human psychology is person has to agree with the reality of situation. The situation can be negative or positive you have to accept. The concept is close in meaning to ‘acquiescence’ derived from the Latin word meant to (to find set in).the acceptance can be of three types. The first type is if someone offers you a gift and you take it. It is called acceptance. The second acceptance is you deal with positive welcome and belonging; if a person likes someone and other accepts his proposal due to his good approval it is also called acceptance. The third definition can be an act of assenting. Acceptance is an act or implication by conduct that shows plainly which clearly agree the term of a offer required to form binding contract.
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To deal with the children parents have to maintain the better relationship with their child. They have to deal in a proper way. They have to make extra efforts to get attached with their kids. They have to show their care, their love to their kids. This will make the strong bond between parents and child. The relation of the parent and children is the mixture of behavior, feelings and expectations. The parent-child relationship is a extent of a child’s development. There are many relations in the world but the relation of parent and child is different from other and this relationship is also very important. The parent-children relation can be affected by the age of parents, their self-confidence, behavior, experience,stability of the parent’s marriage, their experiences. If a child has good qualities it is because of the

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