Importance Of Morality In The Dark Knight Returns

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Christian Terry
Professor Buckley
English 112
“Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts” (Aristotle). As a child, we don’t know the difference between right and wrong. We start to obtain this information through our environment and emotional experiences. It could also be said that we can create our own values, and sets of principles through the use of something called morals. What was just summed up is the definition of morality. This particular theme shows up a lot in our own life. Which is why morality plays such a strong role in these three pieces of evidence: the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller,
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The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is a graphic novel. A graphic novel is a style of writing that has a lot of pictures, and has a story. It uses the images to help create its story to make it more understandable. The audience, which are the people who are attracted to this, are people who prefer reading a graphic novel to get a good visual of the story. Another important key is the Rhetorical situation which is to persuade the readers to your own idea and support it, which in The Dark Knight Returns the rhetorical situation is the constant conflict Batman faces with his morality. The way this graphic novel connects to the theme morality is how the protagonist Bruce Wayne (who is Batman) lost his parents at a very young age. By experiencing that, he decides to live by a code to never kill and decides what is right and wrong. This is why when he becomes Batman at night, he serves justice by beating his enemies and not killing them. In his mind, he is doing the right thing, but Batman’s morals are constantly challenged. In this graphic novel Batman just defeated the Mutant gang leader and as a result created a new gang called “The Sons of The Batman”. An expert on the news channel Dr. Bartholomew Wolper, who is an expert sociologist, claims “Batman is a …show more content…
The audience in this reading, are people who are interested in the brain. The Rhetorical situation is how Consciousness can play such a key role in our way of life, but also elaborates on who has a conscious and which way they use it. Kaku's theory talks about Consciousness from a Physicians viewpoint. His theory is based on the quantifying consciousness that is the “number of feedback loops required to create a model of your position in space with relation to other organisms and time.” (Kaku). The level one conscious is used with animals, they understand their position space. Level two is used by monkeys, they understand their relationship to other monkeys and know their own role. Humans are the only ones that have level 3 consciousness we are better at processing the future, scheming, we daydream, and plan. Humans are able to use all three levels, which allow us to be aware of what we do. For level 2 consciousness it helps us figure out our place in the world it, “creates a model of our place in society.” (Kaku 52). A perfect example, is how we look at people and attach emotion to them, “If you spot your chief rival, whom you suspect of stabbing you in the hack, the emotion of fear is processed by the amygdala, which sends an urgent message to the prefrontal cortex, alerting it to possible danger.” (Kaku 53). Level 2 consciousness allows us to view good and he

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