Importance Of Morality In Child Development

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them more than any other person. Morals can come from what your grandparents might have thought was right and wrong. Morals are important in a child’s development because even though once they grow up they are free to do as they please their morals can kick in and help them do the right thing.
Children’s social development can be different depending on how attached are they with their parents. The social relationship a child has with his or her parents directly correlates with the relationships and social behavior the child will have throughout life. As a result, the attachment a child has with his or her parents is essential to his or her social development. “Parental attitude toward their children have a strong impact on the child sense
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These parents tend to be responsive, demanding, accepting and emphasize discussion and interaction. Parents should respect the different qualities every child has. As a human being not everyone is the same. Everyone is different in their own unique way. If the parents are generally authoritative they influence the development of their child in the best manner. The genetic component of the child that the parents provide is only one aspect of their influence on the child’s development. The environmental aspect of development is especially important in the psychosocial development of a …show more content…
The amount of influence each one of them has depends greatly on someone’s childhood and the way they were raised. Parents can determine early on whether they want themselves or peers influence their children. Children will gravitate towards and be influenced by their peers when they feel insecure at home. When they don’t feel loved or accepted, when they have no boundaries and when they are not getting training and guidance from their parents. They will reach out to like minded souls, people who are just like them. When others have more input into kids lives than their parents do, the level of parental influence is greatly

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