Importance Of Monitoring In The Workplace

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Register to read the introduction… Most employees don't want their every move micromanaged by constant monitoring in the workplace. However, an organization that monitors their employees may have a lower productive rate and moral than in organization that does no monitoring. Laws are in place in just about every state that allows the monitoring of employees during the course of their work day. Employee monitoring is important in today’s society, and employers have the right to monitor employee’s performance and use of the company resources.
If an employee is constantly using the company’s resources for personal gain, this could cause the employer to lose money as well as other business opportunities. Additionally, monitoring employees while on the job is a way that companies have to ensure that their losses are minimized. Monitoring employees can take many different forms and there are legal and illegal boundaries that employers must be aware of. For example, employers will not invade the privacy of an employee if he or she are in the restrooms and locker rooms. “In most states it is illegal to monitor employees while they are in the restroom or locker room because activities that are carried out in these places are things that are not normally done in public. They are private acts, and the employee has a reasonable expectation of privacy during these activities” (Staff
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Monitoring in the workplace can also benefit the employee. For instance, a very expensive pair of glasses was stolen from Janet while she is at work. She accuses Jill, her coworker, of taking the glasses because Jill complemented Janet on them, and said that she wants a pair. Janet goes to human resources department and files a complaint against Jill. It is determine that Jill didn't steal Janet’s glasses; a video camera that was install in the work area taped Julie, another coworker who Janet has had issues with, pocketing Janet's glasses when she thought no one was watching. This monitoring process saved Jill's reputation and proved who the actual culprit was. Some employees may think that monitor is bad practice; however, it could solve

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