Importance Of Mission And Vision Statement

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Register to read the introduction… Although we have found these definitions to be simple and practical, there are two points to remember when discussing mission and vision statements during your strategic planning process:
1. There is no one accepted definition.
2. Agreement on the definition you use is more important than the definition itself.
Do you really need a mission and vision statement?

It depends. What you do need is to ensure that the organization has a direction and goal(s), that your key stakeholders support that direction and goal(s), and that your structure, resources and skills are aligned to facilitate moving in that direction and maximize your opportunity to achieve those goals. If you believe you need a mission and/or vision statement, then you probably do. However, just having a mission and/or vision statement, even if they are included in a planning document, posted on a plaque on the wall or provided to employees on business cards certainly does not, unto itself, ensure success.

Mission and vision statements are management tools that if used appropriately, have the potential to help improve your organization's probability of success. However, it's important to keep in mind, that these are only two of the many tools available to your organization in the development of your

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