Importance Of Mind Control

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Register to read the introduction… Publicity attempts to ingrain concepts and transmit political and commercial messages into the consumer’s minds, in an endeavor to make them buy specific goods. They do this by constantly exposing the people to the products through their repeated displayal on various mediums. Billboards and posters can be found on most highways, and in nearly all cities around the world. Consequently they push ideas at the consumer any time he/she travels on foot, by car, or even uses the public transport systems. Television and radio are inundated with publicity, approximately every ten minutes for two minute intervals, as it pays for their programming; merchandisers create memorable slogans and jingles to encourage the consumer’s memory of the product. These methods are complemented by the esthetically presentation of this information, the goal of which being to create a sense of need in the individual. This is often accomplished by associating the product with some aspect desirable to the consumer, such as material wealth, physical beauty, sexuality or being an individual (while all it’s actually doing is promoting …show more content…
Thus evil is a relative term. I believe that none of these groups are evil, I do not even believe that the party was evil, only afraid. For were we to ask the Party’s members whether they believed in that which they were doing, I presume that they would respond unequivocally, “Yes!”. They were afraid of losing power over the people, afraid of allowing people the right to choose, for fear that they would choose differently, becoming individuals. They were just as afraid as some of the above groups, although they were less subtle in their ‘thought

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