Essay On Military Police

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The military police in the Army National Guard plays a decisive role in protecting the people and property of the United States by enforcing military laws and regulations (United States Army National Guard). Both the military and civilians rely on the military police to prevent crime and respond to all emergencies. Some jobs for officers include the securing of weapons, enemy prisoners, and government officials. It is also the job of a military police officer to interview witnesses, arrest, and charge suspects based on crime. Military police officers are looked at to maintain peace and order, even if that means using tactical force (Rod Powers). Without the military police in the Army National Guard, the military would have trouble transporting goods and soldiers in war zones. Military police officers are the ones who provide security to the transportation and …show more content…
A soldier must score at least the score of a ninety-one on the Skills Training proportion of the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery test to qualify for a military police job (United States Army National Guard). Failure to reach any of these requirements will eliminate the chances of being a military police officer until further notice (Basic Military Police). Being a military police officer requires several skills that not everyone has. To begin, military police officers should have an interest in law enforcement careers (United States Army National Guard). Officers are also supposed to be able to communicate well with people and make decisions quickly in the heat of the moment. Also, it helps to be able to stay calm under in stressful events (United States Army National Guard). It requires a lot of self-discipline and confidence to be a good officer (Rod Powers). Without these skills, a soldier may have trouble with the military police

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