Essay On Why Teachers Should Give Less Homework

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Middle school teachers should give less homework or no homework... like what Lily Tomlin said “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework,” Lily Tomlin is a famous actress and comedian. Do you think teachers should give less homework or keep it the same as it is now? First, Homework is a big waste of time . Second, Students may feel pressured from there homework. And this is how we can make a difference. First, students in middle school should get less homework because it is busy work for everyone and wastes time. School itself is busywork so when you get home you want to rest after school, but instead we have more work to do and no one wants to do it. Busy Work or homework is not only a time waster for the student but also for the parent helping the …show more content…
Also some parents say when they were kids they do not remember having that much homework, but times have changed. Really what they don’t really know is that homework doesn’t actually improve on you on your academic skills and it does not help if there are questions are ones that don’t help them at all, it would help better with like 3 questions that could help the students tremendously. Quality over quantity. According, again, to Linda Kardamis “ When you limit how much homework you give and/or how long the assignments are, then you can expect the students to do quality work on what you do assign.” (“Teach 4 the Heart” 4)

To conclude teachers shouldn’t give as much homework then they do now. First, students don’t have enough time to do work AFTER school. Second, students get too much and feel stressed. You are able to stand up for yourself so why don’t you just write a letter of the homework issue. Children should be able to spend time with family or get a new interest, but they can’t with homework. Students really do need to have less homework or no

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