Importance Of Microbiology For College Students

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I. Introduction A. Story on how i thought i was fully prepared for college but when it came to balancing friend, family, and school, I was struggling with managing my time. follow up by telling my story of when I took my first exam for microbiology in which I did horrible because I had not study enough and lacked time management skills.

B. Supports 1. Determining goals can help students know what they need to accomplish in life and to help them stay focused on their education to graduate college 2. Create a schedule to help you know what you need to get done for the day and throughout the week to stay on track. 3. Have incentives after a long day or when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed. C. Thesis: In order to be successful in
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use example from the article of “ Significance of Grit: a Conversation with Angela Lee Duckworth. tell how this two characteristics will help you stay focus and be prepared for other unknown circumstances in life and while in college.

B. Second, create a time management schedule with specific time setting for each task to help you stay on track. Began by writing the task you plan to get done for the day (daily goals), incorporate some of your long and short term goals in the schedule if you want make two separate list on for school assignments and the other for personal tasks for outside the school. Prioritize the most important tasks be aware that things may happen unexpectedly so prepared yourself add at least 30 min to plan at end of the day and reflect avoid doing this while you should be studying or during your time of completing tasks.

C. last, make time for yourself- (incite yourself) Emily Driscoll article over how stress affects college students stress statistic of college student or young adults who face stress how it affects the human

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