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Life is about having the power to remember past events within our memory. Being human we posses a great ability in retaining memories. Your memory is your brain 's filing system. It contains an amazing amount of information everything you have ever learned or experience. Which is useful in helping us hold on to past events or people we cherish deeply that we truly don 't want to forget. So when ask to pick something that I don’t want to lose or can’t do without it was an easy choice picking my memory. It helps me everyday to never forget the most important memory of all, my grandfather who passed away when I was twelve.
Many of the memories I have of my grandfather are very vague, but I still haven’t forgotten the his countless stories he used to tell me before putting me to sleep. One of my favorite stories was how he meet my grandmother. He told me when he was younger he enjoyed walking. So he told me how he met my grandmother walking through the park on a
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I don 't even think I remember that I was going to a funeral the next day. I never been to a funeral before so when my family and I arrive and sat in our seats. I was looking round at people 's faces and seeing how sad they are and it made me really upset. The sad songs made my eyes tear up and I tried so hard to keep it in. By the end of the funeral, I say my dad and mom cry which I had never seen before as well as my uncle. Hearing the screaming and weeping of people that loved him really had me scared because I 'm trying to figure out is this real life and am I in a dream that I can 't get out of. As they where putting him in the ground they opened the casket I saw I 'm for the first time and believe me that 's not the grandfather that I remember. He looked like a completly different man. It was like I was looking at a

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