Importance Of Marxism In Education

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Education gives people the knowledge and understanding to see that they are being oppressed and to work against that. From a Marxist perspective; however, education is seen as a social construct used to keep the lower classes suppressed and under control of the upper class. In The German Ideology, Karl Marx states “The ruling class will give its ideas the form of universality and represent them as the only rational universally valid ones.” In this quotation Karl Marx is stating that the ruling class comes up with its own ideologies and teaches those to the lower class as fact. This is very significant to the Marxist ideology because if the lower class is learning from the upper class then the lower class would not have the knowledge to see …show more content…
The search for power through private property, in terms of wealth or land can negatively affect those that the wealth or land is being taken from. The bourgeoisie class with their capitalist ideology, are willing to enslave the proletarians for their own greedy intentions. In The principles of Communism, Frederick Engels states “The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property, he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a proletarian; the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general.” Frederick Engels states the concept of owning private property, such as wealth or land, leads to slavery and abolishing this concept will stop the enslavement of the proletarian. This quotation is important in understanding the Marxist ideology and the Marxist perspective on capitalism because it shows the bourgeoisie enslave and use the proletarians for their own selfish needs. Frederick Engels statement shows how the bourgeoisie have all the power and wealth but it is due to the enslavement of the poorer proletarian class. The capitalist ideology of the bourgeoisie has caused them to become greedier and enslave the proletarian class to make a profit. The concept of enslaving the poorer proletarian class by the bourgeoisie in order to make a profit is apparent throughout Heart of Darkness. The European trading company, representative of the bourgeoisie, make the Congolese people, representative of the proletarians work in brutal and harsh conditions with little to no care for their wellbeing. This is shown Marlow’s description of the conditions the native people have been put in. When Marlow reaches the station he sees “A slight clinking behind me made me turn my head. Six black men advanced in a file, toiling up the path … each had an iron collar on his neck, and all

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