Diversity In Today's Competitive Environment

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In today’s competitive environment, tapping into workforce diversity and managing it successfully is crucial for the business success. Managing diversity successfully means creating an environment that values and utilizes the contributions of employees with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. The global managers need to be culturally competent and be able to effectively manage diversity to gain synergies. Managers who are able to lead a diverse workforce produce better business outcomes than those who work with a narrower demographic group. A diverse workforce with a range of different backgrounds and perspectives gives managers broader insights to draw on in decision making and policy development. Diversity therefore makes good business sense.
Diversity breeds creativity and creativity drives innovation. To stay competitive, businesses need to innovate and differentiate product and services from the competition. By effectively harnessing and leveraging the distinct capabilities of a diverse workforce, a skilled manager could help the company to differentiate, achieve a number of strategic benefits and avoid drains on profitability. Therefore, continued learning to effectively manage ever-increasing workforce diversity is one of my goals as a manager.
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Effective managers use situational leadership practices by concentrating on the performance of the employees and developing them progressively based on their level of readiness to take on new responsibilities and initiatives. As a Manager, I truly value diversity and play an active role in promoting greater multicultural diversity among the workforce. I recognize the contribution that diversity of perspectives makes to generating new ideas and ways of doing

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