Project Management Process

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There a various activities which are involved in a project, these are embedded in the definition of a project. A project is therefore a group of temporary activities which are non-repetitive which involve the creation of a unique outcome. Projects are carried out within a defined time frame as stipulated in the planning stage of the project, it could range from several weeks to several years depending on the scope and size of the project. The processes of a project will usually be carried out by a single individual or a team of individual which could number into thousands with their defined roles. The process or stages of project are carefully itemized in the project management scheme, they include Defining of desired goal, planning, executing …show more content…
The goal, objective and the scope of a project should be well defined as it is optimum importance that these are understood by every stakeholder before the commencement of the project. To ensure this a further breakdown of the goals are carried out and demonstrated, the use of drawing, prototype and animation can help to achieve the aim of understanding the goals and objective of a project. Managing a project are better understood by the experience of partaking in one. Every project seem attainable at the initial stages with proper evaluation but they always have their unique path which is a variation from previous similar project. Because the circumstance are different. It can conveniently be said the managing a projects is a learning process that never stops because of the unique experience with each project. Planning is a key part of a project which takes place at all stages throughout the project until completion. One can equally say a project is as good as it planning stage. At this stage all information especially during the brainstorming session. Some unseen circumstance may be key to speedy completion of project. The final aim of any project is commission and handover at the end in the quickest possible time. The need to understand and identify any risk or risk causing agent that may interfere with processes of the project need not be overemphasized. Data has should the risk management is critical to successful completion of project. Hence the risk management machinery should be fully operational all through the stages of the project. To sum it up two areas were exploited which was vital to the completion of our LEGO bridge project which are choosing a narrower distance and negotiated for more time. The need for more profit necessitated us to build our bridge over a longer span which is

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