Importance Of Management Planning Process

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Answers to Questions on Human Resource Management
Things that employers can or cannot legally do during the recruitment process
Employers should not discriminate while advertising for jobs (Dessler, Equal Opportunity and the Law, 2012). For example, a job advert should not contain phrases like “We cannot cater for workers with disabilities”. Phrases like “recent graduates” or “highly experienced” should be avoided. They tend to discriminate against older and younger prospective employees respectively. These phrases should only be used when they are of absolute necessity for the fulfillment of job assignments (Dessler, Equal Opportunity and the Law, 2012). Job adverts should also be placed in media where all groups can access it (Dessler, Equal Opportunity and the Law, 2012). for example, advertising a job only in a women’s magazine
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The goals should be broken down into objectives that SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time-bound). An example of a goal is to increase profits by 30% in the next one year. An example of an objective can increase the budget allocated for marketing by 50%.
Second, upon establishment of the goals and objectives, the organization must determine if it has the resources to that can match the needed actions identified in the goals and objectives (McQuerrey, 2016). For example, the organization must determine has the money that can fund the increased marketing budget allocation identified above.
Third, the organization must formalize the goal-related tasks identified during the establishments of the goals (McQuerrey, 2016). This is because it has realized that it has the resources to achieve its goal. This can be done by the management informing its marketing department of increased marketing budget and how it is supposed to be used, in the form of adverts, to increase

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