Parental Involvement: Major Items In The Classroom

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Major Items in Classroom
My classroom will contain a smart board that, in conjunction with the white board, will be utilized for the majority of whole class instruction. Technology, such as computers and iPad, will be a vital component of our math centers.
Parental Involvement
I will communicate my expectations early by sending a newsletter out at the beginning of each 6 week grading period that outlines the content their student will be learning. I will place a communication section in their daily take home folders in the event I need to write a message to the parents or they have a concern for me. Should academic concerns arise, I will make a call, send an email, or send a note home requesting a conference with the parents
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Developing a plan for how your classroom will run includes room arrangement, identifying and limiting distractions, understanding how you want your classroom to be run, and constant rehearsal. I believe it is important to over plan and cut back as needed, rather than under plan and run into empty space. Furthermore, appropriate planning must begin on day one. When the students enter the classroom on day one, I must have a plan on how I will greet them, how I will present rules to them, how I will answer the burning questions they will have on the first day of school, and how I will be most effective in my communication of these items. A plan provides structure and is a statement of my personal teaching style and expectations. An organized and well-managed classroom promotes learning and participation. In addition, teachers must have procedures planned for every aspect/event of the day. Every minute counts and proper planning leads to effective classroom …show more content…
Establishing and enforcing procedures teaches a student what is expected of them in the classroom, how to act in a professional manner, and promotes a safe learning environment. I believe a vital component of classroom management is rehearsing and re-enforcing the procedures outlined on the first day of school. Once students know what is expected of them and how to meet these expectations, effective instruction and efficient learning can occur. One procedure I believe is important in my classroom management structure is transition procedures. This could include transition during center work, guided groups, and class rotations. Having an effective procedure for each aspect of transition is vital to maintain control of the room. Establishing fair but firm consequences are important aspects of my classroom management plan. I must be consistent in enforcing gradual consequences and hold firm to the rules established. Rewards should also be a focus in the classroom management plan to promote positive behavior. The ultimate goal is to create a warm, safe, and positive learning

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