Importance Of Magnet Recognition

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Today’s society requires an adequate and efficient health care industry. The purpose of this paper to understand an improvements and innovations that brings to health care organizations by Magnet Recognition Programs. To realize the real value of nurses and their role on the way to excellent patient care. And encourage every staff member within the organization to be a role model and be actively involved in process improvement directed at both quality and efficiency.
Overview of the Magnet Designation
The Magnet Model is the fundamental base to achieve excellence in nursing practice and serves as guidance for organizations seeking for Magnet Recognition. ANCC Magnet-recognized organizations work as a model role of knowledge and an expert
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Magnet-recognized organizations are always striving to improve patient care and nursing profession in general.

Influence of Magnet Model on Change in Health Care Organizations Magnet Recognition is the most prevalent and evident recognition that a health care organization can earn for an excellent patient care and nurse’s well-being in today 's world. Magnet status is credential, which delivers a quantity of internal benefits and consistent improvements with variations. Magnet recognition dramatically reshapes service, cost, quality and human resource capacity within the facility. Many types of research that routinely done at each level of practice in magnet institutions are exanimate the impact on health care organizations. Here are most remarkable fields of influence.
1. Quality and safety
Magnet hospitals strive to provide high-quality care on the daily basis. Numerous studies show that improvement in nurse-patient ratio decreases mortality rates, complications and shortens patient’s hospital stay. Also, research data confirms a lower RN workplace injuries and lower rates of body fluid

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