Importance Of MPH Studies

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I can vividly remember the incident from my childhood that changed the fate of my family forever and triggered my motivation into the wellbeing of human kind. It was the demise of my elder brother who fall victim to a malaria outbreak in 1986. Now, at this age I understand that the tragedy could’ve been easily avoided had my parents were well aware of the preventive measures that should be taken on those circumstances. Every so often, I ponder when people from developed countries discuss about healthcare problems and its limitations; do they really imagine how worse the situation can be, the disasters people bear in day to day life for being poor or even what an underdeveloped county resembles to? I was born and raised in a small village located …show more content…
I was captivated as I continued to learn about the history of public health, infection chain, and epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases. My range of knowledge was not only augmented by the five-year MBBS degree but it has also given me the valuable insight for applying the knowledge into practical aspects of public health studies. The enriching curriculum at DU encompassed a wide range of courses including community medicine, biostatistics, behavioral science and epidemiology which successively built the foundation for MPH studies at a later stage. Through these brief exposures to public health discipline, I realized that theoretical knowledge only complements research activity and there is no alternative to doing something hands-on. During my 4th year, I received two-week long residential field training in rural areas that focused on increasing awareness into illiterate woman regarding different health issues. The main objective of this training was to educate us about various aspects of healthcare that can decrease the rate of maternal and child health mortality and morbidly, essential obstetric care (EOC), immunization and early management of minor illness. The short, though highly elucidative, training has given me the tangible success of impacting human life in a positive way that entails through some meager efforts. However, this experience has instigated the belief within me that change can come without paying an extravagant price and most importantly it boosted my confidence that I can be the one to drive this

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