Importance Of Loss Of Identity In Xavier's Life

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Furthermore, the loss of identity that occurs in war allows people to no longer be themselves leading to uncivilized behaviour and overall malicious behaviour. Xavier, the main character, becomes unrecognizable after the war to the point where he becomes a different person. When Niska first see him come off of the train from Toronto, he looks like “he is an old man […] so skinny. This cannot be Elijah […] one leg of his pants is pinned up and hangs down a little of the way, empty” (6). Xavier has unwillingly taken on the identity of the person that he killed for being an apathetic assassin. He now has the ability to act this way with no consequences to his own reputation as he is no longer himself. This burden has turned Xavier old and frail …show more content…
Moreover, Grey Eyes’ eyes, the reflection of his soul, are dead from the drugs he uses and the experiences that he has had demonstrating that his whole identity is gone. When Sean Patrick dies, Xavier, who can read peoples lives from their eyes “can see the fear die a little at the same time that the bright light drains from his eyes. They turn glassy as those of Grey Eyes” (112). A dead persons eyes and Grey Eyes’ are equivalent in Xavier’s mind. There are no longer any physical or moral repercussions that Grey Eyes can sustain that will alter the state of his soul due to the fact that he is already dead. There is no coming back from the dead; any action that Grey Eyes executes can only have consequences for those around him. Grey Eyes acts as though he is invincible which endangers the lives of those around him. He is essentially a selfish zombie that can do no harm to himself only others. Grey Eyes is so dead inside that he does not even have a name; he no longer has his true identity but rather one made up of his appearance and his addiction. The removal of his identity allows Grey Eyes to disappear and neglect his responsibilities as a

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