Improve Long Term Memory

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Chapter 6-How to improve long term memory

What is long term memory and how it is important?
Long term memory is known as the continuous process of storing conscious and unconscious information in your brain. The existence of long term memory can’t be proved physically but it can be in a scientific way. We are not aware of it when we are collecting information and adding it in our long term memory. The duration of how long this memory lasts can vary from a few days to decades. The creation of long term memory actually depends on our short term memory. Information that is replayed and reconnected several times over and over go on to form part of our long term memory. There are two types of long term memories. One is declarative memory which
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All people are self-proclaimed scholars now days and love to share their views on every matter that goes through their eye on the web. This makes it very difficult and effort-some to find the right methods and tips on how to improve your long term memory. Following are some verified and scientifically proved tips that are sure to help you in improving your long term memory.

Exercise your Body
Exercising is very important for your body. You have to keep your brain in a healthy state to boost your memory. Exercise does it for you. Just like any other part of the body, exercise also helps the development of our brain. Regular exercise helps in enhancing brains ability to process quickly by enhancing the effects of brain chemicals and hence it helps in improving your memory. Regular or daily exercise is a good tip for people who want to improve their memory. According to research, there exists a connection between regular and healthy exercise and reduced chances of any cardio disease. This is because exercise improves the function of the cardio system to a great deal and keeps the heart working in a normal state all the time. It also controls blood sugar levels and fresh blood supply is maintained. Blood sugar levels affect the size of that part of brain which plays the most important part in
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Still it is easy to note and see many differences between them. Short term memory as the name says is used to store information for a small period of time. After that short period of time, that memory or piece of information is either forgotten or it forms a part of the permanently stored information in our brain. This permanently stored information is actually the long term memory. The decision to either forget a memory or put it in the long term memory depends on the fact that how often that memory has been retrieved and how often is it used. On the other hand long term memory is used to store important information, our emotional and sentimental memories, and procedural knowledge which have been learned once. Information from the long term memory can be retrieved at any time either voluntarily or involuntarily, depending on which type of memory we want to

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