Importance Of Logistical Participation In A Service Learning Project

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This semester, my classmates and I had the opportunity to team up with Community Place and participate in a service learning project. I, personally, was a part of the sports and athletics group where we played dodgeball with a group of children from Community Place. The ages ranged from eight to twelve, both boys and girls.

Logistical Participation Overview At the beginning of the semester we planned for two different activities, kickball and dodgeball, and we would make a decision later based on the predicted forecast. Members of our group volunteered to take on specific roles to ensure that things would be prepped and ready for the day of the event. Kaitlyn took action in reserving the racquetball courts, for the idea
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Between directly contributing to my group’s work, or indirectly, a fair amount of time was spent ensuring the project went well. Since our group was pretty large, we did not email back and forth, but instead we stuck to our in-person meetings that way everyone was on the same page. We spent approximately five to ten minutes of a majority of our classes discussing new conflicts or ideas that may have come up. Out of class, we only spent around ten minutes discussing the project. When volunteering to take care of the equipment, I emailed back and forth with intramurals about five times, and spent about ten minutes total physically receiving them. Again, we had a larger group, so so meeting outside of class and emailing one another was not the easiest form of communication for …show more content…
The kids also got to experience campus dining, as we ate dinner in the dining hall. The kids also got to participate in an activity on campus, choosing between arts and crafts or sports. Through each of these events, we got to know the kids almost on a personal level, listening to their stories, learning about their lives, and just being a friend to them. This applies to the ethics tradition of Ethics of Care. Ethics of Care is when a “person has a responsibility for the wellbeing of those people with whom one has a relation,” (Cavanagh, 2010, Pg. 89). Although we did not originally have a relationship with these students, we were able to develop relations rather quickly. Nel Noddings describes ethical caring as an act that is performed out of the belief that “caring is the appropriate way of relating to people” (Ethics of care, 2013, Para. 19). For this project, we chose to host the kids at Nazareth, which should have put the relationship we developed with them, over those we have with our friends and classmates. I believe that Ethics of Care was one strength of ours as a whole mainly because we were able to place all of our attention on them and make sure that their experience here was safe and

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