Importance Of Literature Essay

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The Importance of Literature
Among the students of Singapore, few are able to summon the time to rest and relax from the bustling hurry of everyday life. Of these, even fewer would choose to spend this time reading. Many of the students of Singapore do not consider the reading of literature an important priority, often preferring to play their computer games or watch TV to fill up their spare time. Even when time is available, students are encouraged to read newspapers and magazines to keep themselves aware of events happening in the world. Few students have read the great classical works of the 18th century , or even the contemporary works of today . Should this be happening? In today’s society, should a greater emphasis be placed
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Putting oneself in another’s shoes or even changing oneself to suit a similar character that one admires creates connection that improves theory of mind . It has been shown to be more effective at changing opinion than non-fiction. Instead of argument and evidence, readers seem to be more responsive to literature.
Disadvantages of Literature Reading
Reading fiction is not going to help people to do well in exams. Reading is a waste that takes away time and energy from doing the things that will really matter. No university is going to accept a student based on the range of literary works they “understand”. Perhaps reading does have a beneficial effect on vocabulary, but even so, it should be a secondary activity that serves as a form of relaxation. No greater emphasis should be placed on it.
Reading has become as good as a fad. People laugh at and judge others by the books they read. This has become a basis for bullying. Being part of the “in” crowd by reading the books everybody has read will lead to a dull generation, with everybody thinking the same things. It would be better for students to play their computer games instead. At least, they would have different
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Instead, they brought science revision books, feverously reciting the information. Fiction had only served as an enjoyment, a luxury for them when it was not as important to do last minute revision. But when the exams drew near, they used the time to study instead of relax. An interest to find out why compelled me to do my portfolio on this topic. The idea of reading fiction in our lives is widely seen as secondary to exams and our studies, from my experience. It was these that compelled me to find our more.
I went researching for this topic blissfully unaware of the many different negative effects of reading fiction in our daily lives. Having always been an avid reader, I was unaware of many of the negative effects of reading that I would encounter on my search.

This changed my view on things
At first, when I started out on this project, it was under the assumption that reading fiction was completely good, based on my own experience. However, the scariest bit was when I read about how people change themselves to fit the personalities of characters they admire. A possible consequence may be the lowering of the borders between reality and fiction, resulting in a disjointed, possibly fractured world outlook, leading to irrational acts.
This was something I enjoyed
It was fun to do another piece of analysis on a topic that interested me and was relevant to my daily

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