Importance Of Literacy Essay

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The Importance of Literacy

“Evan call my mom now. I can’t get up!” I screamed while on the ground at the bottom of a stair set. I had taken a nasty spill while jumping some stairs my skateboard and it felt like my leg had been torn into two pieces at my knee. After going to the hospital and being told I had dislocated my knee, I went home on crutches in pain. I had a feeling this would be the end of my farfetched dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. I received a phone call a few days later from my new surgeon, Dr. MacLauchlan. He informed me that after taking another look at the MRI, I had in fact torn my ACL and meniscus. After surgery, to gain mobility back, it is highly recommended to visit a physical therapist. Therefore,
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The more I know about this, the more it pushes me to succeed. Since I began working out, I have been sent free merchandise like clothing and supplements from some of the major brands in this sport. My transformation has been recognized by my peers and family. One day I will hope to enter into a show when I feel like I am ready to compete. I have had people in the gym come up to me and ask me for advice and I have even coached a few kids, just like how Panos coached me. At some point I hope that I can become a spokesman or a representative for any popular brand.
Without literacy, the world would be in a state of utter chaos. Literacy is the key to success and without success nothing would ever be achieved. In order to make progress in America and further better the world, we need all kinds of people to do all kinds of jobs. This high demand for jobs means there I a high demand for people to fill them. A person being literate vs. illiterate could mean getting the job or not. I strongly encourage people to find something they have a passion for and become as educated as possible about it. Learning everything possible will mean complete literacy in that specific

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