Definition Of A Good Life Essay

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When I think about life my first thought is how God created it. God created all things that are living on this earth and He had a purpose for each person when He created them. He knew every single person before they were born and He knew what they would do with their life. Someone mentioned in class what good is life is purpose. Without a purpose, what is the point in living? Life is such a precious thing that can be taken away in a matter of seconds and then someone else’s life can completely change right then. Along with good things, bad things happen to everyone every now and then, but it is how a person deals with those bad things that can define a person. Everybody is going to have some bad days every once in a while. To someone, a bad day to them might be they forgot their lunch at home and now they have to just eat a snack. To someone else, it might be that they don’t know if they will be able to eat lunch that day. The way we look at things in life reflects on our daily lives and how we live. If we stay positive and have a good attitude about things even if they do not go our way, we will have a good life. We can keep our …show more content…
A good life can be defined by many different things. A good life can be when a person is successful. If a person feels that they have succeeded in life, they would most likely say that they have a good life. A good life can be if someone is happy. When I think about a good, happy life, I think about my family. We are all healthy and we are all happy and I consider that to be a pretty good life. A good life, to some, could mean fame or money. I don’t follow the Kardashian family, but if I were to ask them now if they think they have a good life, I feel pretty confident that they would say yes. To some people, a good life could be their career. If someone has worked very hard to achieve their dream job and they finally reach that goal and they love what they are doing, I would assume they might have a good

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