Guarantee Life Coaching

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Q: Do you guarantee results from your life coaching?

A: Yes! I personally, as a professional motivational speaker do guarantee that if you follow your goals and action steps that I lay down before you, open yourself fully to your coaching and will take up just enough time and effort, you will get great results from your life coaching!

I am absolutely sure, that if your attitude towards making changes is serious and if you're putting everything that I'm telling you into practice than the good results will be fast to follow!

Q: Why is 1-on-1 coaching perceived to be more efficient?

A: As it goes for pretty much everything in life, an individual approach in any activity it may be (besides maybe team sports, like basketball) is going to help
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Currently, I have dozens of people whom I work with on a regular basis, besides hundreds more which do not need my consultations anymore, as they've already achieved the objectives that they set for their crises...

Q: What is the difference between life coaching and counseling, visiting a therapist?

A: In my perception, the most drastic difference is how the time focused is shifted if we take these two...

By that, I mean that while counselors and therapists tend to focus more on your past and the initial reasons for it, life coaching has a much more forward approach!

Here we tend to pay more attention to the things that you can achieve in the future, rather than on what and why you've already done.

You can think of it as of helping you to build on, instead of rebuilding...

Q: Does coaching work for everyone?

A: Unfortunately
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When the outcome is not as expected, he or she can't point a finger at his/her boss, husband, or school. Coaching is a pro-active thing for responsible people, which needs to have the day by day, hour by hour and sometimes even minute by minute work and dedication to it. It's a lot like bodybuilding, if you don't get to the gym, you're not going to see the results in the mirror. It may all sound like an incredibly long and arduous, hard job to do... which it actually is! But the eventual result that you're gonna get will compensate all the hard work that you've endured in the process!

Q: How can coaching help an individual with attention deficit disorder?

A: People both with ADD and OCD require a little bit extra when being coached.

But ultimately, the difference in approach is slight - as any coaching session must have characteristics like warmth, friendly atmosphere and so on.

And most often the practice shows, that going through the life coaching drastically improves the regular routine experienced by people with ADD, making their time-management, learning and business skills much more

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