Importance Of Leisure

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Leisure plays a crucial/vital/important part in the human development of a person during all stages of the human lifespan. The key concepts that help define and form an understanding of leisure include: Experiences, self-expression, personality, commitment, need, identity, and constraint and motivation choices. These factors express that leisure helps an individual to develop their identity and aids in shaping the sort of person they are going to be, when developing, an individual’s leisure adapts.
The process of human development reflects predictable age-related changes to the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual state of the individual. [1] “It is systematic and predictable change by which people qualitatively
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The next stage is early childhood which is from one to three years of age, at this stage they are known as a toddler, going through the process of starting to be potty trained, learning that the parents are in control and exploring surroundings. Middle childhood is from three to six years old, at this stage they are learning the difference between right and wrong. Late childhood is from six to twelve years old, learning skills, and discovering hobbies. Adolescents, Young adult, first adulthood, second adulthood and late adult …show more content…
Such as playing with toys, siblings or other toddlers which is great from developing social and interactive skills, musical activities like fake instruments which can help to shape the child into possibly wanting to play a musical instrument when at an appropriate age. In this modern age, technology plays a huge role in a child’s development, if you ask anyone that is a parent or happens to know any toddler’s (1-3) years of age they would inform you that toddlers are obsessed with technology such as television shows, DVD’s, I pads or even I phones as they love the bright colors, sounds and music and the game applications on them, a large amount of toddler’s even own their own I pad or I phone; this could be a risky move for the parent to buy technology for their child like this as they as so expensive and a toddler at this young age doesn’t yet know right from wrong, and has no sense of value for items. With toddlers in the stage of early childhood growing up with this kind of technology accessible to them, they develop skills at a much faster rate, this can be viewed as positive or negative the positive being that the child

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