O. J Simpson Trial Language Analysis

We use language in our everyday life to communicate and understand in the world we live in. It is important to every aspect and interaction in our everyday lives. Language is not only a form of communicating but it is also a way of expressing people's personality. Not only is language used in our daily life but it is also used in the courtroom. The legal language in the courtroom affects the outcome of the trial, as lawyers use not only evidence but the power of language to help persuade and shape the decisions of the jurors.

The trial I will be looking into is the O.J Simpson trial, as it is known to be the “trial of the century” The trial was held at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, in which former National Football
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His trial was infamous due to the overwhelming evidence against him, it was also renown in the way it was sensationalized by the media, becoming one of the most publicized criminal proceedings in history. Within a few days of the trial, the trial erupted in an immense amount of racial tensions and issues in America, with a national divide based on opposing views of O.J guiltiness. In this extended essay, I will be covering the effect of language in the courtroom and the media. I will be investigating how the defendant won the trial despite all the crucial evidence used by the prosecutors and the media's negative influence on O.J …show more content…
The topic is worthy to investigate because it is important to understand how language is used not only in our everyday life to communicate but to also persuade and shape the jurors decisions through the use of legal language techniques and its effectiveness in doing so.

In this essay I will first be introducing what legal language is and its importance in law.Secondly I will analyzing the defendant’s opening and closing statements,focusing on the language aspect, how they use language to win the trial. I will then be analyzing the media's coverage on the trial,its effect on O.J Simpson's image. And finally, coming up with a conclusion. In this essay I will explore that the defendants uses effective, short and complex statements and semantic prosody to shape and persuade the jurors decision of the outcome of the trial, while language in the media influences how O.J Simpson is portrayed, as newspaper writers uses big headlines, syntax,short and effective words to shape the reader's mind of how O.J Simpson is

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