Importance Of Learning Style Assessment

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The learning style assessment tool stated my strengths are tactile, auditory, and visual are the sequence of order, from the learning assessment tool. My strongest point is tactile sensory skills, which I believe is in everyone and learning becomes interesting, with this skill. Even in my work environment I try to involve most of my job duties, with a hands-on approach. My weakest point is auditory and then visual because my auditory skills, damaged and bright lights or the sun affects my vision in order to absorb and learn what 's happening in my environment. In all things, considered to be I am a multi-sensory learner, which assist in learning at a high potential.
In essence, learning is engaging to me because of my curiosity and eagerness
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A person 's learning style is dependent upon the material being learned or studied, the situation in which the material is being learned or studied, and the individual 's strengths and weaknesses as a learner (Heffler, 2001).

Groffman, S. (2005). Learning Styles- Do they matter?. Optometry & Vision Development, 36 (2),
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This meant that dealing, with personality traits as a student, classmate, family and friends I showed a level of respect for self and others. Respect people and their personal views of self and how they see the world. Interacting, with family and friends, we are equally connected, except I am more conscious of the feelings of family and friends and I react to circumstances differently. My respect level is with integrity, dedication, and professionalism while working in the school system. The INTJs evaluation states that “respect the established rules of communications, although at times they may see them as a formality or a relic of tradition” (Jung typology test, 2011). These are traits that I can be proud of and knowing the true essence of me starts with chaining who I am.

In summary, family, friends, and coworkers all physically made up with personality traits, and some good and some bad. We should do is look into ourselves and change what’s negative in our lives to a positive outlook. “Understand and be understood: the way we come across in communication” (Jung typology test, 2011). Communication is a key factor when the exchange of words or physical contact involved. The most important issue at hand is we are who we are and take us as we are and accept how God made us, dare to be different in every way.


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