Nursing Observation In Nursing

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I observed the responsibilities of a Labor and Delivery Nurse, during the first day. I was able to gain much information about normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries and also observe how each delivery differed between that of the next mother. On the third and fourth day, I was able to learn how inadequate staff was handled in these areas and how this affected the clients as well. Childbirth is an unknown experience, therefore, nurses must be ready for help even if extra staff is not available. I was also able to learn about my personal boundaries because one of these clients that came in ready to delivery, were a family member of mine. To collaborate with the interdisciplinary health care team members while optimizing effective communication, the labor and delivery nurses updated the nursery staff, …show more content…
I believe that the charge nurse exhibited her leadership role very well. Remaining calm and provide safe, effective care without frightening the mothers any further was caring behaviors observed during my preceptorship. I believe that showing caring behaviors is very important when dealing with theses mothers because some have participated in childbirth class, and therefore, were more prepared, however, for those who have spontaneous rupture of their membranes before the anticipated date were as fearful of the laboring process. Management of client needs was observed by providing pain medications within a timely manner, and prioritizing cares. An example of this was seen when a page was placed for an anesthesiologist to perform an epidural. The time of the request was considered when this staff member failed to come within a certain time period. Professional boundaries were determined during my preceptorship as a family member was admitted for the birth of her child. I was able to compose professional boundaries and not be in her birthing room. We had not discussed this matter in advance, so therefore I felt it was a professional behavior, not to have her as

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