Importance Of Leadership Influences

Register to read the introduction… In today’s environment, globalization is an ongoing process of interdependence and integration of economies, societies and culture. Terrell (2013) describes globalization as a multicultural, burgeoning hybrid of cultures in a borderless world – one of high chaos and continuous change as if it (the world) were a single entity. As a result of such, companies have to transition from hierarchical, top down leadership models - to inclusive, participatory leadership styles. Current business trends have the requirement for 21st century leadership to have a global perspective; one that embraces cultural differences and diversity, one that looks beyond immediate geography in an effort to resolve issues. When consideration is given to this concept, the reality of globalization may be characterized as a world that has become so interconnected, that the only way to succeed is through competition with everyone, everywhere for everything. According to Mendenhall et al (2008), global organizations face complexity with respect to the dynamics of interdependence, ambiguity, flux and multiplicity. These forces drive an increased need for global leadership competencies that enable them to respond and lead …show more content…
This responsibility is typically represented through the identification of learning needs, goal setting and the adjustments to maximize learning potential. The final recommended global leadership strategy is a personal favorite: to integrate intuitive, ad hoc learning approaches and structured global leadership development strategies. Whereas much of the global leadership learning and development is from experience and business challenges, the combination of a leader’s ability to intuitively learn through engagement and predisposition is also …show more content…
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