Importance Of Leadership In Family Essay

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Leadership In The Family Leadership within a family can be very different from other types of leadership. From parents to siblings, everyone can play a role as a leader and sometimes it is necessary. Some parents may not consider how much their communication and compromise with one another represents leadership to their children. Being a family leader can be one of the most challenging leadership positions because a parent is responsible for helping children grow, and siblings should also help one another out of love. Some say that a parent can not be an effective leader to their own kids if they are not a leader of their own lives. By taking control and responsibility of themselves, they can do that to help guide their kids also. Another …show more content…
By having confidence it can help a parent make solid decisions and the kids are less likely to question the authority and validity of the parent. Having confidence in oneself is crucial but so is having confidence in a significant other or spouse. If there is another adult involved within the family the parents need to work together as a unit and be a team. By working together it will help the child or children a clear understand of how to build relationships with others. This is also needed for a child to be able look up to their parents as leaders and for the parents to also respect one …show more content…
When I was younger I looked up to my parents and I still do. I believe that both of them have been great role models and leaders. I do not remember this, but apparently I did not talk back to my parents very often and I was just overall a very observant but outgoing child. I think that I did not talk back (and still do not talk back) to them because I knew that they were the leaders of our family. I am glad they raised me the way they did, I believe they punished me and communicated with me correctly. I was not yelled at often, and was almost never spanked. When I was intolerable it was more of a conversation with my parents, about what I did wrong, why I did it and how it will not happen again in the future. I agree with their parenting style now that I look back at it and I also think that their parenting helped teach me how a leader should

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