Leadership Experience Report

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1. Describe a leadership experience you had that was meaningful to you.

My math teacher, Ms. Perry, nominated me to be the Crofton Delegate for the International Rotary Club at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). The conference took place February 13th -15th. It was an intense 3-day leadership-training program that was “designed to recognize, encourage, and further develop the leadership skills of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade high school students who have shown a potential for rendering important services to their schools and communities”. On the first day we were randomly put into teams of 5 that we would learn with, and compete against other teams. Throughout the weekend we were given speeches on conflict resolution, presentation
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Once every two or three weeks, we use money that has been donated to purchase shoes for those living in foster homes. We are given a list of names and corresponding shoe sizes, with the task of picking out shoes for the less fortunate. This activity means a lot to me because I used to love purchasing shoes for myself. I would save up money for months and months to purchase a pair of shoes that I didn’t actually need. These children need the shoes because they are presumably wearing shoes that are too small, or worn out. Picking out shoes for these children really makes me think about how great I have it, and lets me walk in someone else’s shoes, …show more content…
Right off the bat, the mentor-mentee pairing could use some slight modification. The mentor and mentee must be compatible for any positive effect to occur. I suggest creating a survey that the mentors and mentees could fill out. This survey would have several categories including hobbies, favorites (TV show, movie, music genre, etc.), school subject interests, and even personality related questions. Now that the compatibility is present, we can focus on the goal of this mentoring process. The mentors should meet with the mentees once every two weeks or so, to ensure that a date is reached where both students are free. Each meeting should benefit both the student and the mentee, so that the meeting is reciprocal. Some students may not enjoy the company of their mentor/mentee. To solve this, I suggest offering incentives to persuade them to look past their differences. There is nothing a STEM student likes more, than homework

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