Importance Of Law In The Society

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However, laws can never be holistically removed from any society. Words can be removed, history re-written, but the impression of morality on humanity can, on no occasion, be thawed. Laws allow individuals to have a voice in how nations are governed whilst establishing boundaries, providing protection and freedom. A balance of freedom and laws is required in order for all to live peacefully hence, it is evident that ‘law is the underpinning of a civil society’ as it keeps society functioning. This is exhibited through the process of how laws are made, how laws relate to morals, ethics and values, the role of law and the legal rights and responsibilities of individuals in society.
Law is an essential foundation in any civil society. When civilization
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Henceforth, there are 4 significant roles that law performs in our society. Firstly, Laws establishes boundaries of acceptable behaviour and determine what will not be tolerated, such as the laws on drink driving. These laws ensure that other drivers are safe and not at risk by a DUI driver, reflecting society 's attitude towards putting other drivers at risk as being unacceptable. Secondly, Laws offer protection from others as well as from ourselves. This is achieved through laws disclosing what we cannot do, apparent through laws that prohibit murder, stealing or committing an assault. In some cases, this may be seen as a restriction on our freedom, however, it ultimately keeps many from maltreatment. Subsequently, the third role of law exhibits an individual’s freedom by showcasing what is permissible and accepted. Freedom is evidently seen through the acceptance of owning businesses,

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